>Lorenzo Muntaner, 1831 Creating this web-map I have tried to test georeferencing historical map of the city of Palma, 1831, authored by Lorenzo Muntaner, using Map Warper. Then I used Leaflet maps library to create a new interactive map to compare the city of Palma as it appears on an orthophoto of the year 2012 and the Lorenzo Muntaner’s map.

>1956-2012 To build this web-map I used open source Leaflet maps library to compare interactively Mallorca territory as it appears on aerial photographs (now 'orthophotos' or 'orthoimages') of the years 1956 and 2012. The initial focal point of the map corresponds to a point in the center of Palma, but the territorial scope of the images covering the entire island.

>1956-2012 Making this web-map I used the Google Maps API to integrate a very simple function: clicking on a point on the map, the height information at that location (elevation in meters Above Sea Level) is obtained. The base map is interchangeable: topography or satellite.

>1956-2012 Web-maps not always show a satellite 'basemap’, but bases obtained from many different suppliers: OSM, Hydda, MapBox, ESRI, Stamen, HERE or CartoDB. In my case, my preferences range from the simplicity of OSM.B&W and colorful of MTBMap, although I think the aesthetic results are different depending on the scale we use. As an example, I used Leaflet to develop this web-map using MTBMap.